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 We thank you that you trust us with your information and we intend to keep that trust. This starts with making sure you understand the information we collect, why we collect it, how it is used.

 Responsible for your information is: Limited Liability Company " JUFTIM"

Address: 26, Zargarlik-3, Algorithm, Tashkent, Uzbekistan.



 This Privacy Policy applies to websites, apps, events and other services operated by LLC “JUFTIM”


 You are giving us some basic information and details necessary for the service to work while you are using our services by filling in your profile as:

 Your login and email address, name, gender, date of birth, living country, your personality, lifestyle, interests and other details about you as well as content such as photos and videos. To add certain content, like pictures or videos, you may allow us to access your camera or photo album. *Note that it is forbidden to upload images of nature, animals, children, or other photos that do not belong to you, as well as sexually explicit, pornographic photos.

 When you subscribe to a paid service or make a purchase directly from us (rather than through a platform such as iOS or Android), you provide our payment service provider with information, such as your debit/credit card number or other financial information.


 We collect information about your activity on our services (data/time you logged in, clicks etc.), also about device(s) you use to access to our services, IP address, google information if you log in through google.


 We use cookies and similar technologies (e.g., web beacons, pixels) to recognize you and/or your device(s). We use them for authenticating you, remembering your preferences and settings, analyzing site traffic, trends etc.


  • LLC "JUFTIM" is committed to ensuring the security of your personal data. As with all technology companies, although we take steps to secure your information, we do not promise, and you should not expect, that your personal information will always remain secure. If you believe that your account or information is no longer secure, please notify us immediately.

  • LLC "JUFTIM" will not share the personal information you provide with the public or third parties without your agreement.

  • LLC "JUFTIM" uses your information to provide you with the best services or for advertising, marketing purposes, analytics, customer care, payment processing.


  • The LLC "JUFTIM" team is not responsible for the accuracy of the information in the user profile, their behavior, as well as their mental and physical health, dating goals and other similar actions. If you do not like behavior of another part you can block him or report to us.

  • The LLC "JUFTIM" team does not recommend actions such as disclosing information about bank accounts or card numbers to users. Sharing this information or rejecting is under your responsibility. If some user asks your bank account or debit/credit card number, you can report to us.

  • LLC "JUFTIM" recommends being vigilant when meeting users. Any case that harms you while using our services you can report to us.

  • You are solely responsible for communicating, meeting, and sharing information with LLC "JUFTIM" service users.

  • Deletion. You can delete your account by using the corresponding functionality directly on the service. In this case all your information would be deleted.



 We use third parties (providers and partners) to help us operate and improve our services. These third parties assist us with various tasks: data hosting and maintenance, analytics, customer care, marketing, advertising, payment processing and security operations. By your understanding and agreement about privacy policy while using our services we may need sharing information with them. We may also share user information with our providers and partners companies to remove users who violate our terms of service, or have been reported for criminal activity and/or bad behavior. In some instances, we may remove that user from all platforms.



 In practice, we delete your information upon deletion of your account, unless:

We must keep it to evidence our compliance with applicable law or there is an outstanding issue, claim or dispute requiring us to keep the relevant information until it is resolved or the information must be kept for our legitimate business interests, such as fraud prevention and enhancing users' safety and security. For example, to prevent a user who was banned for unsafe behavior.


  • Our services are restricted to users who are under 18 years old.

  • By agreement with PRIVACY POLICY you confirm that you are not suffering from mental illness, has not committed serious crimes, not in the wanted list.



 Because we’re always looking for new and innovative ways to help you build meaningful connections, this policy may change over time. We will notify you before any material changes take effect so that you have time to review the changes.



Limited Liability Company " JUFTIM"

Address: 26, Zargarlik-3, Algorithm, Tashkent, Uzbekistan.

Telegram: @juftuz

Instagram: juftuz

Facebook: Juft


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